Missing/Stolen pets

Missing/Stolen pets

Missing/stolen pets are sadly becoming a common occurrence. It is advisable to put things into place incase your pet unfortunately gets lost or goes missing.

Is your pet microchipped and are the details up to date? Ensure the phone numbers especially are correct so if your pet is handed into a vet or rescue they are able to contact you.

  • Do you have an up to date photo of your pet? Recent photos can be made into posters to share on social media or put on trees/posts/shops in the local area.
  • Never leave your dog tied up unattended outside a shop, or in the car.
  • Is your pet wearing a collar? It is worth remembering that members of the public are not able to access the details on a microchip, therefore it is advisable for cats to have a collar with a tag containing an address and phone number.
  • Report all lost pets to local vets/rescues, and if possible your local dog warden/council.

By law, all dogs MUST be wearing a collar with a tag in a public place. The tag must contain the owners surname and address, and a phone number is advisable. Dogs must also be microchipped with the details kept up to date.

All found dogs must be reported to the local dog warden.