Fractured teeth

Posted: 23rd February 2018

Dental Awareness Month - Broken doesn't have to mean removal.

Fractured teeth are quite common in our dog and cat patients.

When a tooth is broken the centre part of the tooth, the pulp cavity which contains the nerve and blood supply for the tooth, becomes exposed. Bacteria from the mouth can then get inside the tooth and lead to infection at the tooth's root.

Fractured teeth need treatment - but did you know that extraction is not the only option for them. Dogs and cats can have root canal or endodontic treatment. This is a specialist treatment but can mean that they are able to keep their teeth - this is particularly important for the canine teeth (bit pointy ones at the front) and the carnassial teeth (big crushing ones at the back).

If you think your pet may have a fractured tooth then please book them in for a free dental check to have it assessed. If you ever notice blood coming from a tooth and the tooth looks broken then it should be assessed as soon as possible.

As shown: pictures of one patient who had endodontic treatment to treat her fractured canine tooth and another patient who had a fractured incisor tooth that was extracted.

Fractured teeth
Fractured teeth

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