Orthodontic Problems

Posted: 26th February 2018

Dental Awareness Month - Orthodontic Problems.

All our patients should be able to close their mouth properly without any tooth causing trauma to adjacent teeth or oral tissue eg the palate or gums.

Here are a few photos showing the normal occlusion (bite) in a dog and then two orthodontic problems:

  1. A retained deciduous (baby) canine tooth which is catching on the lower gum and will also be adversely affecting the growth and position of the adult tooth as it grows through.
  2. A lower adult canine tooth that is not in the correct position and as a result is digging into the gum and hard palate.

Both of these need correcting - the deciduous canine needs to be extracted and the adult canine needs to be reduced in height - this is another specialist procedure but means that the canine tooth can be saved.

Orthodontic Problems

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