November Open!

Posted: 3rd November 2020

To all our wonderful and supportive clients, having watched Boris’ update, we just wanted to say that we are not going anywhere between now and December 2nd.

All three of our branches will remain open as usual unless we are told otherwise.

We have had no instruction from the veterinary governing bodies to cancel "non essential" appointments/procedures, and we are not expecting to have to do so this time around, so if you have an appointment with us, please come along as usual. (If this changes we will of course let you know straight away).

If we could ask you one tiny favour over the next few days, it would be not to call us to check any of the above, our phone lines are pretty busy these days, and we don't want to prevent those in urgent need being able to get through to us.

Our thoughts are with all the individuals and businesses who are being adversely affected by both this second lockdown, and of course by covid itself.

As always we are dedicated to being here and providing the best care for your pets whilst maintaining as low risk an environment as possible. We still remain a closed door service therefore, please call each branch when you are outside. Please remember to be wearing your face masks when speaking to any members of our team in the car park.

Thanks for reading,
Foxcotte Vets Team

November Open!