Pet Bereavement

There will sadly, inevitably come a time when you need to prepare for losing your pet through old age, illness, or loss of quality of life. This is a difficult time for everyone and , as pet owners, we have all been in this situation ourselves.

It can help a little to think about your preferences beforehand should euthanasia be necessary or for aftercare choices if a pet has died at home.


We can arrange appointments for euthanasia at the surgery at quiet times of day either before or after the normal consulting times. Please call reception if you would like us to arrange this. Appointments for home visits for euthanasia during the day can also be arranged if necessary.

After Care

It can help to relieve a little of the stress of this time if you have had a chance to think about what you would prefer to happen with your pet after it has passed away.

This is always a difficult subject to consider, but we can offer a range of cremation options. It may be easier for you to contact us prior to the event to discuss these, so you and your family have time to consider the options in the quiet and calm of your own home.

Everyone deals differently with the grief of losing their pet and can go through a whole range of emotions.

The following may be a source of help if necessary: The Pet Bereavement Support Service run by the Blue Cross can be contacted by phone 0800 096 6606 or via the Blue Cross Website: