Information about our neutering services in and around Andover

For non-breeders of animals we believe neutering is essential.

If you wish to discuss neutering your pet with us at Foxcotte please book in for a free pre-op check with one of our vets who can advise you about the most appropriate timing for your pet to be neutered.

We are currently offering FREE microchips with all dog neutering.

  • Female Cat and Dog Neutering (Spaying)
  • Male Cat Neutering
  • Male Dog Neutering

Female Cat and Dog Neutering (Spaying)

We recommend that all female dogs and cats that are not intended to be bred from are neutered. Queen cats come into season and are highly successful at strolling the neighbourhood to find a mate and coming home pregnant!

Bitches often present later in life with reproductive problems (e.g. breast cancer or pyometra – pus in the womb), many of which are removed or drastically reduced by early neutering. It has been shown that spaying bitches before they have multiple seasons reduces the risk of breast cancer later in life.

Did you know?

  • It is a common misconception that female pets will be better after a litter of pups or kittens – this is not correct.
  • Neutered bitches live, on average, 2 years longer than those that are not!

Male Cat Neutering

Tom cats that are not pedigree stud cats should all be castrated. The stray cat population in Britain is growing rapidly.

Did you know?

Castrated male cats also smell less, fight less and roam less.

As a result they pick up fewer infections, for example feline aids and leukaemia, and reduce the risk of road traffic accidents through roaming. Castrating a cat will have no effect on his character.

Male Dog Neutering

Male dogs can make good pets either castrated or entire. Castrating a dog will have no effect on his character.

Did you know?

All guide dogs and other working dogs are castrated.

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